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↓  Sell Offer  fully welded ball valves Fully Welded Ball Valve China
Price $ 10.00 Minimum Order 10
Location fully welded ball valves Fully Welded Ba Product Status New
Posted On 02/20/2016, 04:54:01 AM Sample Available no
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Standard Features:
1. Applying welding and flanged end
2. The ball in valve is polished and tested before using.
3. Tight and good sealing with reinforced PTFE(Teflon) seat ring.
4. Preload seat spring protect from leakage of low temperature and decrease the twisting force of operating.
5. We are firmly against the unqualified valve stem.
6. It has floating or fixed structure.
7. The main bearing of stem and the mental band have the capability of self-lubrication, which means it is no need to add
additional lubricant.
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