Legal Policy  
LEGAL POLICY For terms in this policy that are not explained you may refer to our terms of use. This website may contain copyrighted information that may be posted by us or by third party companies, no part of this information should at any time be copied with out written permission from the respective rightful owners. makes no representation of any other websites you may access via our website. A user should be cautious of sites as these may be infected with malware and viruses. should not be held liable for failure to deliver content on the website due to unavoidable circumstances resulting from internet failures, severe environmental changes like floods and heavy rains and other uncontrollable factors. However we shall always try our level best to provide the required content. Since our website is a commerce site, only business related information should be posted. Non business information should not be posted on this site. AUCTIONS Auctions on our website may be restricted to specific regions. A list of regions where we would restrict users to post bids would be communicated on our website. BILLING TERMS The transactions information we collect from the buyer, seller and our subscribers be it company or individuals is never used for any other purposes other than billing. By clicking on the link to check out on our website you agree that you are the rightful account holder and that it is you who has authorized that transaction to be processed by our third part payment processing companies, Pay Pal Inc. We use strong measures to prevent theft of customer financial data alongside our payment processing partner companies at all times. There are no hidden fees that would be charged from any account holder on with out being informed. The chargeable fees for particular services on our site are clearly shown to you before you check out or authorize a payment. We only use Pay Pal Inc. as our payment processor. The company above also has its own billing terms that a user should agree upon before proceeding with authorizing a transaction. PRODUCT LISTING POLICY Before you list a product for sell on you should read our product listing policy. The items listed below are not permitted for sell on this site and no website link of any business dealing in such products should even be attached to our site. 1. Deadly Weapons and firearms,hazardous materials are not permitted on this site. 2. Illegal drugs,cocaine and all narcotics,intoxins of that nature. 3. Our website should never be used as a route to encourage violence, to promote prostitution, exercising discriminations of any form by race,ethinicity or religion. 4. No one should ever use our website to encourage illegal activities. 5. No sell of lottery tickets, stocks and items of that nature through this website. 6. Sell of alcohol and spirits through this website is not permitted at all. 7. Counterfeit currency,reproduced replicas are not permitted for sell through this website. 8. The sell of artifacts and precious metals such as Gold,diamond,silver,bronze is prohibited on this site. 9.No racially offensive material is permitted on this web site whether posted with the intention of being sold or not. 10. Companies offering financial services such as money transfers, loans, and any other related forms of handling public funds are not permitted on our site. 11. No posting items containing other people’s names, images, signatures unless you have written permission from the person who may presented in this kind of situation. 12. We do not accept the sell of animals,foods especially raw foods on our website.This is because of health issues that may arise from the sell of such items. 13. No tobacco products permitted on this site.Since we can not tell the age of every one who accesses our website we enforce restrictions. 14. No sell of pornographic materials through this site or posting of pornographic text, images or videos. 15. Items holding critical financial data should never be posted on this site. This includes but not limited to bank debit cards or credit cards. 17.Government owned items should never be posted on this website whether with the intention of getting money from them or not. This includes but not limited to passports,governmental agency uniforms, trading licenses of any nature and any state owned documents 19.Individuals dealing in activities of sorcery should not be listed as service providers on this website. This includes but not limited to the sell of human body parts and human body remains. 20. No user should ever post other people’s personal information for sell. This includes but not limited to e-mail addresses,phone numbers,fax numbers and names. 21. Companies dealing in the sell of medical products and related services are not permitted on this website.Not at any time should a user post such a related item for sell through this website. 22. Since our website is a trading platform and marketplace, non business related content should not be posted on this website. should never be used as a form of soliciting funds through some form of advertising posts. 24. Like we do not accept the sell of medical products and related services,no postings of drug prescriptions should ever be made on our website. 25. Activities relating to Real Estate businesses should not be listed on . This is because such activities have specific laws governing them. 26. No any kind of software, pirated Videos, music or any form of intellectual property should be posted for sell on this site as we can not tell the source and originality of that software. 27. The sell of products used in spying is not permitted on this website.Our strength is our reputation. 28. Stolen property is not permitted for listing and sell on this website. If a user is discovered to be involved in sell of stolen property the account would be closed with out notice and you may face legal charges. 29. Non transferable items such as airline tickets,bus tickets should not be listed on this wbsite. 30. Animal drugs and Animal products should not be listed and any related services should not be listed on this website as services offered and they are strictly prohibited. This includes but not limited to animal skins, ivory, plants and any items in that category. 31. Not at any time should any user post used clothing, cosmetics, jewelry on this site. This is a measure to prevent the spread of skin diseases.